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“When things go wrong at our mill – as they sometimes do – Mark is available to help us out, providing filing services, replacement blades and advice when we need it most.”

~ Doug Brown

General Manager

Lewis Mouldings & Wood Specialties








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We manufacture circular saw blades with carbide and stellite tips and band saw blades designed for both single cut and double cut.

At Henley Saw every blade we manufacture is created for the unique requirements of your saws.  We work with you, our customer, and listen to your needs, and the result is precision and maximum performance in every blade we make – 100% guaranteed!   If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with your blades, simply let us know and we will make the adjustments required to ensure you get the quality and service for which Henley Saw is known.

Please contact us for a manufacturing quote on new blades designed specifically for your saws.

Full Service Saw Filing Shop

Henley Saw offers complete circular and band saw blade repairs and servicing. The result is a perfect finish that creates precision cuts. We will also replace your blade’s teeth and weld cracks if required. 

Our automatic equipment ensures perfect accuracy and sharpness for every tooth on your blade.  Each tooth is placed on our automatic top and facer for true sharpness then to our dual side grinder which produces the complete accuracy of your blade.

Double Cut and Single Cut Bandsaws 

  • levelled, tensioned, benched, swaged, shaped, and sharpened

Circular Saws
  • hammered, tensioned, welded, annealed, and sharpened

  • tip replacement

  • strobe sharpening and replacement

Portable Bandsaws

  • set and sharpened

Trim Saws
  • strobe sharpening and replacement

  • tooth replacement

  • profiling

  • hollow point grinding

Tool Sharpening Services for Carpenters and Contractors
  • Carpenter blades

  • Chisels

  • Router bits

  • Hand saws

  • Mower blades

If you have other products that require sharpening, please contact us. If it’s dull we can probably sharpen it!

 If you require blade servicing, contact us for a quote.

Product Sales

In addition to our guaranteed service,

we also offer the following products

for purchase:

  • Circular Saws and standard size Carpenter Blades

  • Double Cut and Single Cut Bandsaws

Portable Bands
  • Custom and standard length Portable Bandsaws built on site

Filing Room Supplies
  • Carbide and Stellite tips

  • Wright machine parts, Armstrong parts

  • Norton products (wheels, discs)

  • Babbit (material, melting pot)

  • Grinding wheels

  • Saw guides

  • Coolant

  • Strobe bars


To receive a manufacturing or service quote from us, whether for new blades designed specifically for your saws or the servicing of your current blades, please contact us. We will respond to your inquiry by mail, fax, or email.

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